Natasha Singh

Principal Consultant – Privacy & Data Protection

Natasha has 11 years of experience in regulatory compliance. As a Data Protection Specialist, her work at Gemserv involves leading on the design and implementation of privacy programs for multiple organisations which operate in complex multijurisdictional environment.

She is also the Outsourced Data Protection Officer of her clients in diverse sectors such as, retail, information technology, energy, financial, construction and health. Having worked on multiple privacy programs for small, medium-sized and large organisations in a fast-paced dynamic environment, she has gained invaluable hands-on experience in privacy governance. As a DPO, she provides tailored and practical advice and guidance to different stakeholders in businesses on several matters, ranging from privacy by design, data sharing, data localisation to ePrivacy, etc.

She is a trusted advisor to her clients and sits as a member in their data protection and security forums, helping her clients monitor their data protection obligations.  She also assists her clients with the implementation of new technologies (such as critical national databases, telecommunication apps) by conducting impact assessments and addressing privacy challenges arising.

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