Clean Transport

Gemserv works across a variety of industry sectors to deliver projects critical to the uptake of electric vehicles (EV), the provision of EV charging infrastructure and services for businesses and the public alike.

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We are here to provide you with a comprehensive service that meets your needs and helps you master the complex transition to EVs. 

Fossil fuel vehicles are being phased out and new government legislation is changing how we meet our transport needs in a NetZero future.

Be prepared to make the Switch to EVs.

  • Bespoke deployment strategies for the provision of public charging services and integrated transport solutions which are aligned with polices and local needs.
  • Comprehensive project delivery, taking care of  complex integrated solutions with a seamless user experience and quality service.
  • Commercial models customised to balance the level of capex, opex and revenue generation over the term of contract.
  • Cross – sector stakeholder engagement and a communication strategy to promote the transition to EVs in line with the provision of public transport services and policies.
  • Evidence based approach that delivers value for money and highlights opportunities and considerations such as the integration with smart, renewable energy solutions.
  • Promote standardisation and industry-coordination that lead to commercially viable solutions at pace.

We work with Businesses & Supply Chain

We work with you in a friendly, collaborative and transparent way so you can be confident with your switch to EVs:

  • Expert advice to help you plan and develop your business continuity strategy to action the transition to EVs that works for you.
  • Technical due diligence and supplier engagement as part of your project procurement.
  • De-risking your investment with guidance to make the most of the arising business opportunities.
  • Understand the bigger picture and provide the insights most relevant to you.
  • Lead, manage and deliver projects with preferred suppliers and partners.

Our Digital Services Offering

Gemserv has identified the need to make up to date quality information easily accessible to businesses, innovators and policy makers to help them master the transition to EVs in a timely manner. While this requires an industry cross-sector coordinated approach, the needs for each market participant are specific.

Paladin is our digital information subscription service that puts the information you need at your fingertips as and when you need it. Always be informed and well positioned to deliver your products, services and projects compliant to rules, standards and best practices using Paladin as your portal for insights and compliance most relevant to your business case for one fixed price annual subscription fee.

Visit the Paladin website and subscribe to our digital service offering powered by Gemserv.

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Clean Transport

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