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We provide expert professional services which is enabling the data revolution. By helping you to build trust with your customers in data handling, you will gain a competitive advantage.

Helping reduce risk and maximise opportunity

Data breaches are one of the biggest threats affecting businesses and their customers alike.

By implementing the ISO 27001 standard, businesses can protect information while taking clear, informed and cost-effective decisions on security controls and risk mitigation.

With many public and private sector tenders now requiring ISO certification, it not only protects businesses, but provides a competitive advantage.

Gemserv’s approach to the ISO 27001 standard is to add value and maximum impact throughout the process – we don’t do tick-box auditing. Instead, we give insight into the issues businesses face in achieving the standard while working in collaboration with your in-house teams to overcome any hurdles effectively and with the least cost.

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Did you know…

With the right controls in place to comply with ISO 27001, your business will save time and resources when complying with other requirements.

As card data is classed as personal data, having one set of testing procedures in place for this data can help ensure you have the evidence required for compliance across other standards, such as the GDPR and ISO 27001.

Gemserv’s insights help organisations to gain competitive advantage by developing an approach which achieves compliance across multiple standards.

Our wider information security credentials, including PCI DSS expertise, ensures that businesses gain maximum impact from the certification process.

Find out more about our ISO 27001 service by downloading our product sheet below.