Project & Programme Management

We work collaboratively with businesses and stakeholders to ensure that complex markets work for everyone’s benefit. By doing so, our professional services are enabling the transformation of industries.

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Our Project & Programme Management Work:

Renewable Heat

We are encouraging the growth of sustainable heat by operating the Biomass Suppliers List.

Sustainable Energy

We have enabled over 960,000 domestic solar panel installations in the UK through our role in the management of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

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Delivering projects and programmes that

work for everyone

We deliver projects and manage programmes effectively for a variety of clients across a number of sectors from government to regulators, from industry bodies to businesses.

Such experience gives us knowledge of the latest trends, technology and challenges to shape how projects are planned and then executed to achieve maximum impact.


We develop operational processes and procedures to ensure the right framework is in place for a project, how best to implement change and to successfully engage everyone involved.

We also have a track record in delivering services for complex, multi-dimensional programmes, while working with businesses to ensure operational and business requirements are met while suitable performance controls in place.

Our Project & Programme

Management Service

Our professional services reach across every stage of project and programme management. Right from the start, we work with our clients to agree the project outcomes and how best they will be achieved.

Stakeholder management and communications are very important to our processes; we ensure that solid client relationships are in place so that our projects and programmes deliver on their aims.

We have worked with stakeholders across many sectors. This enables us to provide insight on the core business issues which may arise, and how to best to deal with them.

We also help organisations to identify and implement the best processes, tools and technology for specific projects or programmes.

Furthermore, we monitor the performance and benefits of projects and programmes; this helps to identify where and how improvements can be made.

We advise on change management which is increasingly reacting to the digital revolution. We help you to transform your vision into profitable action by focussing on the right choices, the right deals, and to deliver the right results