IoT and The Future of Energy Networks Webinar


7th February 2020




Online Event - Gemserv, 8 Fenchurch Place

The future energy network will rely heavily on digital technology and distributed systems.

This webinar highlights some of the key systems likely to make up the future energy network and how Internet of Things (IoT) will underpin all aspects of energy distribution, as we move towards a zero carbon culture.

The webinar will discuss some of the new services that will exist in the future energy network including:

  • Faster and automated switching
  • Time of Use Tariffs
  • Demand side response and white goods
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Battery storage and local generation
  • Virtual power plants
  • Peer to peer energy trading
  • Flexibility trading

As these new services are developed and deployed, we will also consider the changes this will likely introduce to the threat surface of the distribution network and how these can potentially be mitigated.

To register for this webinar simply click on the link below:

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