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Our heritage is in the energy sector where we continue to be at the heart of latest developments. We also provide professional services across healthcare, the public sector and a diverse range of industries, including water, defence, telecoms and construction.

This affords us with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities business, regulators and government face.

From transformational national schemes with government to assisting multi-national private businesses protect their data, our work means that we are exposed to a number of challenges and opportunities.

We learn a lot along the way and our community of experts are regularly producing materials to help inform debate and steer policy and thinking across our industries. 

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The experience we have built up across many different projects has given us significant insight into how to approach and overcome challenges. See our latest Thought Leadership papers and examples of how we have helped clients.


Our work means different things to different clients and we wanted to share some details of the projects we have managed to give you an insight into our capabilities and the impact we have delivered as a business.

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