Covid-19 Support Back Like may other organisations, we have have had to adapt to working under difficult circumstances. We are working to ensure that the business continues as normal and we are supporting our clients to prepare for the ‘new normal’. Gemserv still offers it’s full range of services remotely, and this page summarises some

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Making the ‘new normal’, well, normal…

What currently feels very abnormal might well feel quite normal post lockdown. Businesses are quickly turning their attention to this ‘new normal’ and we examine some of the considerations in this blog. As much as we might want to return to pre-lockdown familiarity, that is unlikely to be the case for many businesses. For a

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Tips to tackling Ransomware

What can i do In a previous blog I looked at the increase of ransomware cyber-attacks, especially in the public sector. This time I want to look at some of the ways you can tackle the problem. Ransomware has become a profitable business with the use of franchised software and sophisticated support functions. With the

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